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Recent Changes

A list of the recent changes made to Spartan that is of interest to everyone


You can run your software on Spartan using containers, rather than via the managed modules system. This article explains when you might want to do this, and how.


You can make your own Python module repositories, completely separate to the Python modules installed centrally on Spartan. This article explains how to do this.


Details on our GPGPU service for project partners.


Details on our deeplearning partition for Engineering users


Details on how to use parpool in MATLAB on Spartan

Job Script Generator

A small web-based utility to help in writing job scripts for Spartan.


Graphical sessions on Spartan through your web browser


Interactive apps on Spartan through your web browser such as Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio

New Modules system

Using the new modules system.

SSH Keys

Protecting your private SSH keys.