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This page outlines usage and tips for some of the most popular software being used on Spartan.

Spartan uses a modules system (lmod) to load and unload different packages, including different versions of the same software. This allows many different software packages to be installed on Spartan at once without interfering with each other

You can check what's currently installed using the module avail command, search using module spider, and load a particular module with the module load command. For example, to load MATLAB 2016a, use module load MATLAB/2016a.

Generally you shouldn't load modules from the login node, instead working on a compute node, either via an interactive session (launched with sinteractive), or from within your Slurm script.

Software List

Every day a list of software installed on Spartan is regenerated from module spider and added to this page. This does not list all versions on the summary line. Other software can be installed on request.


There are multiple versions of Python installed on Spartan, which you can check using module spider Python.

Common packages like numpy are already installed with some versions, but may be missing from others. If a Python package is missing, let us know, and we can install it for you. Alternatively, you can install additional packages locally using pip install --user <package name>. This works well for pure-python packages, but you may encounter errors for those that link to other binary packages.


R versions from the 2.x and 3x series are installed on Spartan, along with some common packages. If a package you need is missing, you can either install it locally, or contact us to install it system-wide.


MATLAB 2016a is installed on Spartan, along with all of the standard toolboxes.

MATLAB can be invoked with a particular script using matlab -nodisplay -nodesktop -r "run my_script.m". You may need to add particular working directories so MATLAB can find all the scripts necessary for your job.

Job Script Examples

We maintain example job scripts for various software packages on Spartan. You can browse these at /usr/local/common or at