Is Spartan operating normally?

Current Usage

How busy is Spartan today?

  • How to Interpret
    • This plot provides indicates how many CPUs (cores) are in-use on Spartan.
    • Utilization may occasionally exceed 100% as resources are added/removed from service (utilization is always relative to the most recent available CPU count).

Wait Time

How long will my job take to start?

CPUs Requested:
Wall Time:

  • How to Interpret
    • This plot provides data on how long previous jobs have taken to start, which can be used as guidance on how long your job might take to start.
    • Note however that "Past performance is no guarantee of future results"; wait times can fluctuate quickly due to changes in usage or outages, and wait time could be considerably more or less than the historic average.
    • Daily averages are shown, but points may be missing for days where there were no jobs matching the selected characteristics.