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Job script generator for Slurm

This page generates job scripts for Spartan, which uses the Slurm workload manager. It isn't intended to cover every option available, just a little help to get you started with some of the possibilities and how the syntax works.

Enter the details of your job in the form below and then click on the make script button below.

This utility is adapted from work by Bernie Pope, Ben Moran and Lev Lafayette.

It is a good idea to give your job a meaningful name. This will help you identify it when listing the job queue.

Specify the project ID to which this job should be attributed. For example, punim0001.

Specify whether your job needs one or more cores (more...)

The maximum number of CPU cores needed by your job.

The number of GPUs you would like, per node. If you selected the partition gpu-a100, please ensure this value is more than 0

The Slurm QoS for the job.

Leave this blank to use the default (more...)

Job Starts
Job Ends (Success)
Job Ends (Error)

You can be notified by email when your job starts running or when it ends (either successfully or with an error).

days hours minutes

Maximum amount of time needed for your job to complete (it will be terminated after this time).

The working directory for your job (more...)

List of modules to load for your job, one per line (more...)

Enter the command (or commands) that you want to run, one per line. Note that MPI jobs need to prefix the command with srun.