To start Cryosparc, first you need to have a license ID. You need a license ID for every unique instance of Cryosparc you start.

You don't need multiple license ID's if you only have one Cryosparc session running at a time. To obtain a license ID, go to Cryosparc

Go to Open OnDemand

  • Enter your License ID in the License ID box.

  • Choose number of hours - it must be long enough for all the Cryosparc jobs to finish

  • Choose number of CPU cores - 8 is a good start

  • Choose RAM - 64 is a good start

  • Choose number of GPUs - 1 is probably fine for most people

  • Then press Launch

A Cryosparc master and worker will be launched at the same time. They will run in the same session and on the same node.

NB You can only run a single Cryosparc at a time. This is because it will use a Cryosparc DB in a specific location in your home directory, and you can't run multiple Cryosparc instances all using the same database. If you need to run multiple Cryosparcs at the same time, please contact HPC Support.

Once it has started, you'll see a "Launch Cryosparc Desktop" button. Slide the Image Quality slider to the right, and press "Launch Cryosparc Desktop"

You will see a blank Linux desktop.

  • Launch Firefox. Click Applications->Internet->Firefox

  • Browse to http://localhost:39100

  • Use the email address and password you set