Access Policy

Access to the HPC Services (Spartan), is broadly governed by the access policies for the research cloud and the University of Melbourne IT policies, standards and guidelines. Additional requirements are as follows:

  1. Principal Investigator All projects are to be led by a University of Melbourne researcher (including students undertaking research as part of postgraduate studies) or researchers from institutions that have purchased access to the service. The project may be initiated and managed by a non-researcher in support of a researcher or research group.
  2. Research collaborator Participants in a project can be researchers or research support staff from anywhere. Any collaborators must abide by the policies governing the use of IT at the University of Melbourne, and any additional requirements as specified in either the Research Cloud End User Agreement and this document.
  3. Research support projects Where necessary, support projects may be established for the purpose of supporting the HPC Service, including training.
  4. Projects are subject to approval All projects are subject to approval by the Head of Research Compute Services and have been deemed to meet the policies and guidelines mentioned above. Projects must demonstrate an approved research goal or goals, or demonstrate potential to support research activity.
  5. Co-investment resources Exceptions to 1..4 above may occur where a faulty, department or research group purchases dedicated resources for their exclusive or priority use. Access to these resources will be at the discretion of the co-investment party, however, usage of these resources remain subject to the University's IT policies, standards and guidelines.
  6. Project information required All projects should provide the following:
    • Principal Investigator (PI) name and position
    • PI contact phone number, email address
    • Project requestor's name and position (if different from PI)
    • Project requestor's phone number, email address (if different from PI)
    • PI faculty, department
    • Project Field of Research primary code, and additional FOR codes.
    • Project expiration (default is 12 months)
    • Expected usage e.g.
      • Software (Matlab, GAMESS, own code, etc.)
      • Hardware (Bare-metal, GPU, co-investment partition, etc.)
    • Special requirements for the project

Service Denial

Under certain circumstances, access may be restricted or terminated. These include:

  1. Inappropriate use of the service If a user engages in activity that contravenes the University IT policies, standards and guidelines, or the processes described here, their access to the service will be suspended, pending a review. In the case where the user is also the project owner, the project may also be suspended, effectively denying access to other project participants. If the activity is deemed to be malicious, the user and the project may be removed from the service.
  2. Damage to the service If a user misuses the service, either wittingly or unwittingly, and causes the degrading or denial of service for other users, access will be suspended pending a review. The user will be notified of the problem, and subject to the discretion of the support staff, their access will be reinstated. Should the problem reoccur, the user account will be suspended again and the user will be contacted by support staff. Upon review by support staff and approval of the Service Owner, the user's access will be either:
    • Reinstated if the review concludes that the user no longer presents a threat to the system
    • Removed if the review concludes the user is unable to correct the problem, and effectively demonstrates Inappropriate use of the service (see above).

Expiration of the Project

All projects are required to include an expected expiry date (not more than 12 months). Project owners and users will be notified in advance of the expiration of the project and given to opportunity to extend the project by 12 months as required. Project owners may elect to allow the project to expire, and are required to ensure they have secured any data they wish to preserve. If no request to extend the project is made, it will be assumed that the project may expire and will be removed after the expiration date. The removal of the project will include the deletion of all content in the project directory.