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If you require support from the HPC Team, please contact us using the following forms

To request new software or changes to quota:

To report issues:

Note - for external users, you need to register for an account to submit support requests. Please go to to create your support account. The login for the support forms is not the same as your Spartan username/password


The HPC team offers several courses for new and experienced users. These include:

  • Introduction to Linux and High Performance Computing
  • Advanced Linux and Shell Scripting for High Performance Computing
  • Introduction to Parallel Programming
  • Introduction to GPU Programming
  • Regular Expressions with Linux

We have also run specialist courses for researchers in bioinformatics, mechanical engineering, and neuroscience.

We strongly encourage researchers that are new to HPC to undertake training with us. It's free for University of Melbourne researchers. We run regular one-day courses on HPC, shell scripting, parallel programming, GPU programming, and regular expressions. Research Computing Services also offer training in a wide range of other digital tools to accelerate your research.

We can also tailor a specific training program for you, for instance around a specific software package or discipline-based applications, if there is the demand. For example, we have previously run courses specifically for genomics and mechanical engineering.

Check the Researcher Gateway of when the next event is planned, along with the other training programs offered.

Finally, if you ever get stuck, please feel free to contact HPC support. We're here to help make your research more productive and enjoyable, and we'll do everything we can to help.